What is the Jesus Centered Life?


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What does it look like when a life is centered on Jesus? When a family is centered on Jesus? When a church is centered on Jesus? Why should we center on Jesus? How do we go about it? These are core questions God answers in the letter to the Colossian church.

There are such wide differences between groups that claim to be Christian churches that sometimes you wonder if they can really be the same thing?

Can you think of anything timelier for the American church? There are such wide differences between groups that claim to be Christian churches that sometimes you wonder if they can really be the same thing? We are not responsible for all of them We are responsible for the one we share life with. So, I invite you to dig in with me the next few weeks as we refocus ourselves on what Jesus wants of us as a family of His followers. Here is how we kicked things off:

Jesus Centered Means: Continually Deepening Your Understanding of What God Wants.

Our hearts have been polluted by darkness.  As a result our gut instinct often points the wrong direction. The good news is God seeks to fill Jesus’ followers with His wisdom. The Bible calls Jesus the light of the world who came to lead us out of darkness. He does this by revealing the truth about our Creator & the life He intended for us.

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Support Those Who Govern


prayer-trioRomans 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

What should it look like to follow Jesus AFTER a contentious election? How does God want Christ followers to respond to imperfect human governments no matter how good or bad they might be?

I don’t want to drag out the worst of what this election brought out in our country. I do want to review core biblical truth about what God expect of all who follow Jesus in whatever countries we live in during our time on earth. Here are the highlights from last weekend’s lesson. To catch the whole thing, go to www.parkviewfamily.com.

God gave directions to the early believers during the time Nero was killing Christians in the Coliseum. It would be easy to write off all government and embrace a permanently hostile attitude towards it. They were not to do this. God wanted them to understand it from his perspective. God’s authority & power are above all earthly rulers. God has purpose for what he allows. None rise to places of authority without His hand in it. Jesus NOT government has power to save us. With that in mind followers of Jesus should:

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How Do You Know If Your Faith is True?


asian man ponderingHow do you know if you really know God? How can we know if we have true faith in Him? This question plagues most who take their faith seriously at one time or another. Thankfully it is a key reason the biblical letter of 1John was written.

As the apostles were passing off the scene, false teachers arose claiming special knowledge of God. The problem was that neither their lives nor their teaching lined up with Jesus! What God saw as sin, they embraced or ignored as unimportant. What God commanded they downplayed or violated in their own lifestyles and attitudes.

1John 2:3 gets right to the point… “By this we know that we have come to know Him…” In this paragraph the impact of a true relationship with God is made clear. A true relationship will change the life & attitude of true believers in noticeable ways. Failure to grow in these areas suggests that there might in fact NOT be a real personal relationship with God at the core.

God is light. Those who live in His light will show the characteristics of it. Those who don’t will still show their true dark nature.

Check out 1John 2:1-11 for yourself. What are the two tests of true faith God reveals? Can you or anyone else tell if you have true faith in Jesus? What would it look life for you to move forward in true faith? Join us Sunday to chase these answers further.