Life or Death?


life and death promoRomans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Easter is an awesome celebration of life. The resurrection is real. Jesus lives. But do we? Remember life as a child… Days were filled with fun, play, food and naps. Even school was fun for a while. Slowly however challenges grew, responsibilities took more time and friendships got more complicated.

As we grew life became more of a struggle. At some points… Usually working on that long paper I put off, or working that boring job I didn’t like, or that relationship challenge that seemed to have more pain than hope I found myself asking, “What am I doing? Is this really what life is about?”

Life gets hijacked by DEATH… it feels as if something in us dies.

The bright eyes and dreams we had turn out much darker than we hoped. There are sudden moments when a door slams shut quickly and forcefully. Other moments slowly choke through a series of choices with consequences we never anticipated.

Opportunities die, dreams die, abilities fade, passion withers, relationships end. Though we breathe and move, on the inside it feels as if we have died. That thought is scary, so we distract ourselves again. TV, Internet, games, anything to get our minds off of the fact that our lives are not really what we hoped they would be. The reality is that they are not what God designed them to be either. Somewhere we have gotten off track.

We mostly endure, survive, but we don’t really live any more. Bored with, tired of, sick of… Getting by, hanging on, gutting it out, meeting demands and keeping people off our backs. We live for the weekend, for fun, for down time. We endure our work struggle with families and relationships, we hurt, wear out, worry, distract ourselves form our stress and in the end we outsmart ourselves.

We distract ourselves from real life. If we are honest we discover that we are not really living.

Easter promises to move us from death to life. But how does it work? What is our part? What does it take to live? Really live? Thankfully this is one question God has worked hard to answer. It is His priority. He gave us life in the first place. He wants us to live. The big message of Easter is that God wants us to really live so badly that Jesus sacrificed himself to make it possible.

Join us this weekend as we look at God’s answer to this problem. We will meet Friday at 7:00 pm for a reflective good Friday worship on this theme and then again Sunday morning at 9:00 and 10:45. Come join us and make your move from death to life. 

Parkview Baptist church : 803 W 18th street Lexington, Nebraska