Buying In to Jesus


coins in handLuke 14:33 “So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.

If you stop to hear it Luke 14:33 is among Jesus’ most shocking statements. On face value it should rattle most American believers. This weekend we are going to wrestle with what this means. I invite you to read the whole chapter before Sunday and come ready to work it out.

Here are some of my early personal thoughts while preparing the lesson.

  • God wants His people to so trust Him that they do not misplace their faith in possessions OR misuse their possessions. He wants them to honor Him with their possessions by using them for His purpose and glory. He wants them to be willing to give them away or walk away at any moment without hesitation.
  • God wants Jesus to have first place in our lives. He wants us to trust Him with every aspect of life. He wants us to trust Him with all we have. We do this be acknowledging that we only have things by His hand. We do this by trusting His provision, care & purpose for our lives.
  • Through Jesus, God will give us better than what we can gain for ourselves. We can trust Him to provide without clinging fiercely to what He has provided so far.

While prayerfully reflecting on the passage I sensed God’s Spirit say, “Trust Me. You do not need wealth. You need Me. I am your wealth. I am your way. I am your life. Just follow me with your heart at peace. Do not let it get worked up with thoughts of what you have, what you used to have or what you wish you had.”

What thoughts come to mind for you?