Joyful Surrender


holding a globeWe all have a sense of destiny even if it has dwindled to a low-grade longing for our lives to matter. The good news is that our Creator made us for a great purpose. He gives us abilities, gifts, personalities and opportunity to make an eternal impact as we take our place in His long story. How do we find out part? How will we recognize it when it comes?

Like Mary, I need to live in surrendered faith. Jesus is here. He is working for good.

If we are willing, Mary- the mother of Jesus- teaches by her example. Who was Mary? A humble God worshipper. Ponderer of God’s word. Aware of his promises. Seeking to simply honor him in her life in a small out of the way town. But ready to respond to His call with humble surrendered faith! Her example teaches us.

God sends word to Mary through an angel that her time has come. Her purpose is about to begin. As a student of His word, she realizes this purpose extends beyond herself into eternity itself. Her heart was prepared to listen and believe. What about yours?

Like His work in Mary, God works still. Jesus has come. He invites people to enter His kingdom even now. Our part is first to respond and be transformed. Then we are to extend His message to others. If we live in surrendered faith His grace will extend well beyond us into multiple generations that touch eternity itself. Our part is to be vessels of His kingdom grace.

Like Mary, I need to live in surrendered faith. Jesus is here. He is working for good. I must embrace His work in me, so that it might extend to others unpolluted by my agendas or selfish hopes.

Join us this Sunday was we explore together the lessons of Mary and learn to experience the joyful surrender of God’s purpose for us as well.

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