Will You Worship?


reaching for GodI am very excited about our renewed focus on worship in the church-wide series. Will you worship. Our hope is that all of us will take a real, God-led step forward through this. I can’t think of anything more beneficial to our spiritual health & growth than simple genuine worship of Jesus.

Let me ask you to consider taking specific steps in three specific areas: Attendance, participation & focus.

ATTENDANCE: Increase your commitment to attend gathered worship of Jesus.

  • If you barely attend, why not give it a try for this series.

  • If you are not regular, choose to attend as a habit.

  • If you are regular but not frequent, increase your frequency to a weekly commitment.

PARTICIPATION: Actively love God with your heart, soul, mind & strength.

  • If you are unwilling to participate, ask God to soften your heart and make you willing to worship Him.

  • If you are just a spectator, why not join in with prayer, singing, listening for God, taking notes & responding to Him. The Psalms say make a joyful noise not an awesome noise. So go for it!

  • If you are going through the motions but bored, intentionally engage your heart & mind. Jesus is present, give yourself to Him.


  • If you are focused on yourself: what you get, what you like, what you will & won’t do. Repent of worshipping yourself and focus on Jesus.

  • If you are focused on others: judging or critiquing them repent of sitting in God’s chair, remember your own weakness and focus on Jesus.

  • If you are focused on others: trying to get a date, worrying about who is watching you and what they will think if you let loose in expressing your worship. Repent of worshipping others and focus on Jesus.

  • To focus on Jesus make the intentional choice to enter the room expressing praise & gratitude to Him.

We have much to thank God for. The fact that worship does not come easy and is often squeezed out betrays the true sinfulness and selfishness of our hearts. Let’s fight through this together and raise the level of our worship.

May the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be pleasing in His sight!

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