love-sandLove bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1Cor. 13:7

I’ve heard more than one person stand on a platform and say what we all want most is to love and be loved. The theme of the old sitcom Cheers worked its way into our hearts with the lyric lamenting that every longs for a place where everyone knows their name. While the world longs for this our culture continues pressing for new paths that appeal to this desire while delivering only greater pain and disappointment. We have all but given up on the idea of true love for life between men & women and find ourselves settling for moments of hopeful connection between chasms of lonely disappointment.

We end the series on Relationship Principles of Jesus this week with a look at lasting love. Jesus stands in contrast to the marketing of our day with an ancient answer for our soul’s deepest longing. His life changing, relationship defining love is still in play for those who are willing to embrace it. You can experience the lasting love of Jesus deep in your heart in ways that transform you for the better.

The lasting love of Jesus will change you in ways you never thought possible.

It will change how you see people, connect with people and impact people.You live with such rest in this love of His that it begins to flow out of you into your human relationships. When this happens, you find yourself offering a love with a lasting quality to your family, coworkers, neighbors and even strangers.

Throughout this weekend, take some time to reflect on the quality of love you have experienced in this world. Consider the what you have seen & what you have shown. Then think about the kind of love God has shown to us in His Son. He held nothing back to love us knowing the full picture of our darkness. Though it doesn’t look like it in our world today,

Lasting love is still very real. It is a person. It is Jesus.

Join us this weekend as we consider how the Ultimate Lasting Love can develop lasting love in us so that it can spread to others.