sand heart 02When in your life have you felt most loved? What was going on? Where were you? Who was involved? What made it that way? No consider this… How well did you love in return AND how long did it last?

It seems in this life there are at best only fleeting moment of love between people. There is just something fragile and if we are honest polluted about how we love. As a result most go through life collecting disappointment, neglect, hurt and outright rejection.

In the middle of that, Jesus calls His followers to a new level. The one who claimed to be virgin born Son of God come to give us life through incredible sacrificial love makes an outrageous ask. Right before His ultimate act of love, He says,

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Jn 13:34

Look at the two most difficult words of this command, “…just as…” Now here is an example of Jesus asking the impossible. This is in the vein of “If you have faith and pray you can move a mountain.” “Come on out of the boat and walk on water” and “Go make disciples of all the nations.” How in the world are we to do that?

I would really like you to reflect on this some this weekend. What does it mean to be loved by Jesus? Really consider HOW He has loved you. He seems to think you can do that for others. Ask Him to show you where it starts and what it would look like. I will share my practical short list this weekend in our services but for now I want to give you some other key thoughts to help your own reflection.

  • First, Receive Jesus love for you deep in your soul. It’s hard to share what you have not experienced. By letting Him love you will come to know what may be hard to describe in words. Trust in His love for you and let it wash over your life.
  • Second, Remember His love for everyone around you. His level of love is not selfish and should not be received that way. It is unconditional, sacrificial and unwavering. There are many around you who have stiff-armed the love He so badly wants to give them.
  • Third, Reflect His love towards those around you. Even if they reject Him, they can taste His love through you. Your spouse, child, parents, coworker, neighbor, client. There is no limit.

For me personally there is no question that my greatest love is Jesus. I hope to raise the level of my love to be like His. I invite you to join me on this journey.


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