Are You Listening?


Communication between generationsCommunication is connection. Connection is relationship. While many factors impact the quality of relationships one clear key is communication. Communication determines how we perceive each other, how we feel about each other and how well we connect with each other.

Back to Speech 101: Communication involves a sender launching a message to a receiver. Sounds easy right? Yet when real life hits, we realize that many things interfere with the original message before it gets received well. Good connections are more rare than they should be. But we should not give up working on the process. Remember communication IS relationship.

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sand heart 02When in your life have you felt most loved? What was going on? Where were you? Who was involved? What made it that way? No consider this… How well did you love in return AND how long did it last?

It seems in this life there are at best only fleeting moment of love between people. There is just something fragile and if we are honest polluted about how we love. As a result most go through life collecting disappointment, neglect, hurt and outright rejection.

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What Matters Most


familyJust one click on produced over 295,000 books available for purchase on relationship. What does that say to you? It is clear that many of us are on the lookout for relationship advice. Sadly much of what is heard on the pop scene from middle school forward is some version of “just follow you heart” or “do whatever makes you happy.”

Even many of the more sophisticated books promote one version or another of self-centered approach to relationships. This sets many on a search for the perfect relationship or at least a better one! All we know for sure is the relationships we have is not what we hoped it would be when it began.

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Where Love Begins


Relationships are among the most frustrating and most fulfilling things we have in life. They are at their best when love is the core and at their worst when love fails. Why is it that we are often afraid to open ourselves to others? Why is it we regularly hurt those we feel love for? Most of us long to be really loved and to love others- at least some others- much better than we do?

Let me ask you a question: While followers believe that God is the source of love, how do we tap into His love to grow our own? What does Jesus do for us? What are we to do to get better? A couple of years ago I was challenged that I needed to work harder to help my kids feel my love. I was confused at first. I felt great love for them, but it just wasn’t connecting with one of them? What was I to do? Have you ever felt like that? What would you do? Where would you start? What would you have counseled me if I had asked you in that moment?

This week we will attempt to begin at the beginning with these questions. What is the source of love & how can I tap into it to love others more effectively. What biblical truths can you think of that help answer these questions? I invite you to reflect on these questions in preparation for this series and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



Please join us for this significant teaching series on the Relationship Principles of Jesus. If we can understand & practice them more deeply Our ability to love will grow. You owe it to yourself AND THOSE AROUND YOU to make the most of this opportunity. Devotional books are provide for all who participate. Join us for worship and jump in a group to let it sink deeper through discussion of the principles with others.