New Level of Love


The one who does not love 

does not know God,

for God is love. 1John 4:8 


Love is our highest ideal and our greatest frustration. Songs & movies proclaim its greatness while portraying a reality that it often comes at great cost. It seems as fleeting and fragile as a wildflower in a playground. Our own hearts tell us it should be better than this. Our experience tells us a different story. This week’s passage (1John 4:7-12) calls us to a whole new level of love. One that might seem impossible in this world. He defines love by His own character and then calls us to love like Him!

A bottom line truth in this paragraph is that all who have a true relationship with God WILL love others like He does. That is an intimidating order. How in the world can we love like Him? We aren’t Jesus! How can God expect that of us?

Look more closely at the passage. If  you claim to be a follower of Jesus? That means He is in you. If that is true, His love is in you because He is love. He defines love. He is the source of this kind of love. So, if he is in you, let His love come out. Let Him love through you the same way He loves you!

God desperately wants to interrupt our struggle and raise the bar on love. In the middle of our polluted self-limited kind of love God reveals a higher level. He whispers through His Son, “I AM LOVE. Let me love you. Let me love through you. You can only love if you receive true love from Me. Receive My love and then pass it on.”

Reflect on this passage through the weekend and consider: How could a deeper trust in God’s love for you impact your love for others?