How Do You Know If Your Faith is True?


asian man ponderingHow do you know if you really know God? How can we know if we have true faith in Him? This question plagues most who take their faith seriously at one time or another. Thankfully it is a key reason the biblical letter of 1John was written.

As the apostles were passing off the scene, false teachers arose claiming special knowledge of God. The problem was that neither their lives nor their teaching lined up with Jesus! What God saw as sin, they embraced or ignored as unimportant. What God commanded they downplayed or violated in their own lifestyles and attitudes.

1John 2:3 gets right to the point… “By this we know that we have come to know Him…” In this paragraph the impact of a true relationship with God is made clear. A true relationship will change the life & attitude of true believers in noticeable ways. Failure to grow in these areas suggests that there might in fact NOT be a real personal relationship with God at the core.

God is light. Those who live in His light will show the characteristics of it. Those who don’t will still show their true dark nature.

Check out 1John 2:1-11 for yourself. What are the two tests of true faith God reveals? Can you or anyone else tell if you have true faith in Jesus? What would it look life for you to move forward in true faith? Join us Sunday to chase these answers further.