Cleaning Service?



      He just finished washing their feet. What should have been a simple act was complicated by their confusion, protests & overreaction. Why do this? What does it mean? The master takes a servant role! Jesus the Son of God stooped at their feet! After moving past the scandal, we see a simple act. Then the punch line comes. With quiet authority he says, “I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you…” (John 13:16). What has he done to them at this point? What does He do to me? To us who believe?

      My heart sees something so obvious, I can’t believe I never saw it before. What if this is about more than feet, more than serving. Look closer. He touches the dirty parts of their bodies and cleans them. Could it be that simple? He humbles himself to do so. He explains the necessity of it. But in the end the core act involved touching the unclean to restore its cleanness.

Is Jesus calling us to touch the unclean in each other so holiness can be restored. Now I know that it is Jesus’ blood that cleans us. that is not what I am saying. However, within our fellowship of belief, could it be that we have a part to play in helping each other stay clean in Christ? What could that possibly look like? I look forward to your thoughts.

     This week a good friend and mentor will be sharing God’s word with us. Be sure to join us as Dale Philips of CareActor Ministries joins us in worship.