Risking the Light


Can people like us really connect with a perfectly good God? Closeness with God involves honestly moving into His light, agreeing with what it reveals, & trusting its power to experience the cleansing and fellowship it brings.Image

In 1John chapter one the disciple claims “… our fellowship is with the Father…” He then explains, “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth…” His purpose is to help us see the difference between pretenders and those who really are close to God. The difference is our response to God’s light.

God is who He is. I do not define Him. He reveals Himself. He is light. He is perfect in holy goodness. Being with Him means being in His light. His light can be scary. It reveals the things that embarrass and shame us. The parts we wish weren’t there or that others would never see. It shows every flaw, imperfection, inadequacy & sin.

Suddenly the darkness seems safer, we are tempted to retreat. From there I can pretend to be better than I am. (Or at last take comfort that not everyone knows the full truth). From there I can even pretend intimacy with God. Yet in my heart, I know it is not true. But in the darkness, there is no real comfort, healing or guidance for my soul.

Closeness with God requires the risk of stepping into His light. We must see and confess our sin for what it is in the full light of God’s presence. As we stay in His light something unexpectedly wonderful  happens. As Sunday approaches consider how open you are to stepping fully into God’s light. What parts of your life have you preferred to keep in darkness?


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